Advanced Network Security Tools

About us


Every company says they’re “different”, so why should you believe the same story from us?

Well, for one thing, because this time we actually are.  Different, that is.  Here’s why.

Similar to the business models employed by some of the most successful e-commerce companies in the world, we are also Not an out of date bricks and mortar reseller, with high overhead costs or expensive prices.

We are a much more efficient, next gen virtual company of connected experts, located throughout North America.  And we provide our services by utilizing the latest communications technologies, in order to deliver you the correct up-to-date information and best of breed security, visibility and monitoring solutions you’re looking for, but at a price you can afford.

about-us-picNext, we are also truly product agnostic.  We can do this, because we are not an old style VAR or distributor, and are therefore not beholden to any specific product manufacturer or to their offerings. Therefore, we are also not necessarily obliged to exclusively flog any particular OEM’s product, regardless of its actual fit, performance or value, simply because that’s the only brand we happen to carry.

However what we will do for you is this.  After meeting with you and paying close attention, we will then bring to the table for you, only those resources who represent the currently best rated products, specially selected to properly address the individual customer requirements you have chosen to share with us. Then, based on careful analysis of those specific needs, assist you in selecting an effective solution designed to address the particular network issues you currently wish to tackle.  So what you get in effect, are the virtual equivalent of RFP results, without the expensive costs of a formal RFP.

The reality is this.

The vast majority of the online world today has simply become far too dangerous for virtually any typically connected business to continue to operate safely from day to day, without some sort of expert security help or without the use of advanced protective technologies.

Our belief.  Access to affordable next generation cyber security, visibility and monitoring tools should be a fundamental right.

The cost effective acquisition of these kinds of products should not be solely restricted to only those organizations who happen to have million dollar budgets.

True network protection must become available to all.

ANSECT was created in order to try and help make this a reality for organizations of any size or any type.

So if you’re tired of continuing to risk your “bet your business” IT product and security decisions to those still peddling the same old oversold and overpriced promises, and are finally ready to try a different way, a better way, then please do give us a call, and let’s see what we can do to help.


To make effective Cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable for every organization.