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Network Visibility

The Power of Network Visibility

To Optimize your Tool Performance and your Network Security

ANSECT Network Visibility Approach

The need for proper network visibility is actually fairly obvious when you think about it.

network-visibility-picAs it always has been, proper network visibility is absolutely critical.  This is clearly where you need to start.

Only after you have installed the proper network visibility devices, then, and only then will you be able to feed each of your various tools with the right data they really “need” to see, in order for them to ever do their jobs correctly or to protect your network.

SPAN ports simply cannot do the entire job properly. And resorting to them exclusively almost always negatively impacts switch performance. Deploying relatively inexpensive purpose-built network visibility devices is the proven industry standard best practice, and the only right way to go.

Here’s what you need.

ANSECT Network Visibility Portfolio

Network TAPs:

Common Features:

Copper TAPs

Optical Fiber TAPs

Inline Bypass Switches

Network Packet Brokers

Complete Visibility, Monitoring and Security solutions for Virtual Networks and SDNs are also available