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Professional Services

Truly Professional Services with truly No-Nonsense Results

ANSECT Professional Services Approach

professional-services-pic-2Through our network of recognized technology experts and experienced industry consultants, we are able to provide a number of solution specific Professional Services offerings at fairly reasonable prices.

Our approach is not to waste time, get straight to the point/s, not have meetings for the sake of meetings or charge the customer any unnecessary billable hours.

All projects start with mandatory, clearly defined, pre-approved definition of requirements and scope of work documents, along with a detailed project plan outlining the specific milestones, dependencies and deliverables, all agreed upon and signed off in advance before any work is ever begun.  No scope creep, no misunderstandings, no surprises and no disappointment.

We then deliver all of the results you were expecting, on time and on budget, as well as the customer satisfaction that comes with actually getting what you paid for.

ANSECT Professional Services Portfolio

The following is a list of the specific services our resources are currently able to offer;